Back to School Self-Care Hacks for Campus Living

Back to School Self-Care Hacks for Campus Living

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Adjusting to life on campus can be challenging, especially going from living at home to being on campus. There can be limited storage when trying to fit your entire beauty self-care products in your dorm space. While you’re working hard toward earning your degree, use our special guide for incoming students to keep up with their self-care routine even with a hectic college schedule!

Reap the benefits of aromatherapy

Long hours of prepping for exams and a jam-packed weekday schedule can quickly take a toll on your stress levels—and the best way to ensure that you feel refreshed and rested when you wake up in the morning is to get plenty of relaxation and sleep!

To help you unwind after classes, leverage the power of essential oils for elevating your mood. Our self-care set is dorm-friendly home fragrance products that includes our reed diffuser and candle, which carry calming notes for setting the mood for a relaxing experience. These scenting products create a long-lasting aroma and offer an elegant and stylish decorative element to your room.

Choose multi-use skincare products

Dorm rooms can get pretty cramped, which is why it’s important to prioritize compact and highly effective at-home skin treatments. All-in-one products that keep your skin hydrated and help prevent damage to your skin barrier can help you refrain from bringing along the extra creams and moisturizers to a shared bathroom.

Our Blass Balm is an ultra-hydrating dark spot corrector that safely reduces hyperpigmentation without having to follow a 7-step daily skincare routine! It enables you to take care of your skin on the go, even bringing it to class, and treats everything from various types of scarring to dark spots in intimate areas.

Focus on improving deep sleep

While you may think that midday naps will provide the jumpstart you need to power through a study session, if your body doesn’t get enough deep and REM sleep, you won’t feel well rested. Deep sleep improves memory recall and overall brain health, and not getting enough can take a toll on your physical and mental well-being.

Our Smart Eye Massager is the perfect tool to help you take a load off after a long day of staring at a laptop screen: it is designed to alleviate tension and reduce headaches from eye strain.

Staying on top of your game throughout the school year requires taking care of yourself in addition to your studies. Shop the full suite of Blass Beauty products to master your back-to-school self-care routine!

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