Introducing our new whipped & rich Body Butters!

Introducing our new whipped & rich Body Butters!

Rose Body Butter

The new products just keep rolling in! We are super excited to share with not one but TWO Blass Body Butters that you are going to love for your skin. Our buttery body moisturizer comes in two amazing scents, rose and coconut. Packed with a blend of natural ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, vitamin E, and vanilla for skin repairing, deep conditioning, and hydration. Not only will your skin feel smooth and richer but it will be protected from any dryness that causes rough skin... and no nobody wants that.

Taking skincare beyond just your face

We wanted to acknowledge the importance of taking care of all the skin on your body so that your future self does not pay for it. Replenishment is key, that's why it is so important to maintain it and show your body a little TLC. Adding the body butter to your daily body care routine or every 2-3 days out the week will improve the skin’s moisture, creating a barrier to protect the skin from any damages. In addition to using a good body butter, is the powerful antioxidants properties that each ingredients carry that works together to help your skin looking and feeling healthy.

Tips & Advice for using our Blass Body Butters

Since we know moisturizing your whole body can be time-consuming we put together some tips and advice for using the body butter. Once you hop out of a hot shower it is very important to lock the moisture in right away to prevent dry and irritated skin, using a quarter-sized amount will go a long way on any desired area of your body. Another time you can use the body butter is before you go to bed at night for a deep overnight treatment that allows the body butter more time to settle in, doing that will guarantee you to wake up with hydrated smooth skin. You can also use the body butter on your feet to reduce the rough crackling skin from appearing by rubbing the body butter on your feet and wearing cozy socks as you sleep to seal the hydration. The body butter treats many skin conditions such as eczema, dry skin, and stretch marks; with consistency the skin will start to repair overtime and you will see a difference. The rich formula keeps your skin moisturized while providing nourishment to retain the elasticity and collagen for firmer and plumper skin.

We put so much thought and care into this product to make sure your skin receives all the attention it needs to thrive, and you know we always got you Blass Babes! 

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