The longer the lashes, the more voluminous the look

The longer the lashes, the more voluminous the look

The Blinc x Blass Original Tubing Mascara

Let's talk all things mascara

We all know how important our lashes are to us, the part of our look that stands out the most when someone is making eye contact. For years, having long and dark lashes has always been significant in the beauty world, which is how mascara came about as a staple cosmetic wear. The use of mascara traces back all the way to Ancient Egypt, since then it has evolved throughout the centuries, created by many different brands. In this modern-day, it is the final touch to completing your makeup look whether that is heading out with your girls for the night or a nice romantic dinner, because when your lashes stand out, you stand out!

The Original Tubing Mascara debut

With all that we put our lashes through it is still a must to keep them healthy and strong. From occasional makeup wear to protecting your eyes from debris, your lashes need a mascara that will do the job while not harming them in the process. Look no further we have partnered with Blinc on another amazing product with The Blinc X Blass Original Tubing Mascara, the mascara you didn’t know you needed in your beauty routine. The Original Tubing Mascara delivers beautiful and effective visual results in just a few quick swipes. Watch as your confidences boost with each use, providing fullness and strength. This mascara has a vegan, ultra-long wearing formula that once applied forms tiny water-resistant “tubes” to bind your lashes, so it doesn’t run, smudge, or clump together. It is also clinically tested and proven to be non-irritating, which is ideal for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers (even if you cry, sweat, or rub your eyes, your mascara will stay intact!)

How to use & remove

The best news about The Original Tubing Mascara is that it has better hold than most waterproof mascara but without the hard removal process, due to its unique formula it is super simple to wash off. Just use a combination of warm water and gentle pressure, and the mascara will slide off your lashes effortlessly, whether you use a washcloth or your hands. No tint or residue is left behind making it healthier for your eyes and your lashes especifically, and you don't even have to use any makeup remover on your lashes either. How simple is that?

If you want a more lifted dramatic look use The Original Tubing Mascara after The Blind x Blass Heated Lash Curler for voluminous results. We cannot wait for you to transform your lashes into a gorgeous look!

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